Client and Audience Love

What are people saying about Dr. Vernita

Dr. Treva Jeffies

"Dr. V is a powerful speaker who tells it like it is but teaches from a place compassion and humor, especially with difficult topics."

Dr. Matt Lavery

"I have know Dr. Vernita for several years but I had no idea what she was going after our doctoral program. I was looking for a speaker/trainer for our professional development grant and the I heard her speak, I knew she was the perfect person. She has a way to shift your thinking and make you believe that you really can change the world.”

Dr. Joanna Weaver

"I love Dr. Vernita! She is so funny, knowledgable, and inspiring. Her energy is amazing and she truly has a passion for teaching others.”

dr. Daya Irene Taylor

“Dr. Vernita helped me so much with showing me a systematics approach to completing my dissertation. Although she is not an Architect, she was able to see the big picture, hold me accountable, and defend my dissertation in a matter of weeks instead of the years I had been struggling to complete it. I will forever be grateful for her coaching, consulting, and pep talks!”