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Majority of Dr. Vernita's sessions are aimed towards empowering educators, trainers, and leaders to reach their next level by recognizing their authority and using their current knowledge and skill sets to transform their circle of influence. At the end of her talks and sessions attendees have "takeaways" they can apply to their current situations. Dr. Vernita empowers her audience to: 

1. Use their voice for transformation

2. Connect with their core and who they BE
3. Embrace the process and the system

4. Realize their power
5. Take ACTION!

She is highly aware of what is needed to impact, motivate and empower people to take responsibility of their own life and create a ripple of transformation.

Keynote Speaking Topics

  • #Wake UP, Stand UP, Speak UP- We Teach, Lead and Serve Who We Are
  • Personally Empowered to Professionally Powerful – It Takes the Whole YOU to Cause Change
  • Brilliance & Excellence over B.S & Excuse–  Are You Living what You’re Expecting

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