About Dr. Vernita

Short Bio

Dr. Vernita Glenn-White started as a K-12 mathematics instructor, an academic Instructional Coach, and served as a District Specialist for the Office of School Transformation. Dr. V. has been an advisor and strategist for leaders from Principals to Superintendents to Universities. Dr. V. used her teaching and leadership skills to transition into higher education as a college professor where she became a national speaker, published author, and consultant.

Soon, Dr. V. realized the importance of combining personal empowerment with professional development to shift the perspective of what it means to educate, empower, and lead for transformation and impact in the training and development industry at a higher level!

 Long Bio

Dr. Vernita Glenn-White is a college professor turned Life + Empowerment Strategist. Dr. Vernita taught students from 6th grade to Masters level students in college. Those students ranged from being categorized as low socioeconomic to highly affluent status.  During her time in K-12 Education Dr. Vernita created programs that were duplicated by large school districts, worked with and advised leaders from Principals to Superintendents on strategic plans, and conducted workshops with school districts on building capacity in their faculty and staff. As a seeker of knowledge, Dr. Vernita earned several degrees from several universities. 

1.     Dual Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education – University of South Florida

2.     Masters Degree in Educational Leadership – Nova Southeastern University

3.     Education Specialist Degree in Technology Management and Administration – Nova Southeastern University

4.     Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics Education – University of Central Florida

As a college professor, Dr. Vernita

·      Taught students to love mathematics,  

·      Showed future educators the power of teaching, 

·      Published several articles in professional journals

·      Traveled the world sharing knowledge about education 

·      Became a national speaker for organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, American Council of College Teachers and Educators, and the Charter School Unit network

·      Worked as a consultant for large school districts and other universities

·      Wrote two personal book in the areas of self-help and personal growth  released on Amazon.


 While all of those accolades are great Dr. Vernita realized that there was more. After starting a doctorate program months after losing her mother and grandfather three weeks apart and walking away from a full-time career, Dr. Vernita learned how deal with death, depression, and rediscovering who she was in a new dynamic. Transitioning from public school to higher education, Dr. Vernita broadened her perspective and realized that our education system was broken and we weren’t looking at the core problem. She watched brilliant students go to jail after skipping school because they were bored, administrators having mental breakdowns due to the pressures of running a school, college students dropping out of school because they ran out of money, college professors falling into depression trying to fit into the university culture and schools with majority students of color being constantly ranked lower and receiving less money than their affluent counterparts. Dr. Vernita realized that the problem wasn’t the lack of standards or systems, low level content or curriculum, or a lack of focus on planning and priorities. She realized that our educators and leaders lacked empowerment. 


As the CEO of Glenn-White Global Solutions and  Founder of THEE V.I.B.E Institute ® Dr. Vernita realized that educators, trainers and leaders wanted options and they needed a way to blend their personal passions with their professional life. Many professional and high-achievers have a wealth of knowledge to share and are gatekeepers of major ideas that can transform the world but they don’t know their own power. Through programs, consulting, and events Dr. Vernita and her team at empowers educators and industry leaders who desire more confidence, guidance, and knowledge towards cultural consciousness by expanding their awareness and influence to transform the learning experience of 1 Billion students and adults at a higher level!

Dr. Vernita loves and values her family!