About Dr. Vernita

Short Bio

 Dr. Vernita Glenn-White, (dr. V) the Brilliant Solutionist, is a strategic life and leadership coach, consultant, speaker, author and creator of the Embrace Your Brilliance Framework ™ movement, & the Founder of The School of Brilliance™. She works with high-level individuals & their teams across the globe to help them up-level their zone of genius, influence, and impact in multiple areas of their lives so they can Embrace their Brilliance personally & professionally. Dr. V is a former K-12 educator, K-12 school district mathematics specialist, & college professor. She left the comfort & stability of academia to pursue a greater purpose of transforming how people teach, lead & serve.

Dr. V has spoken on personal & professional growth stages across the nation. She wrote “Embracing Grit for Greatness” to show high-achieving, ambitious women (& men) they can be powerful professionally & personally without shrinking in the presence of those who may be blinded by their brilliant light & life. Dr. V is also the recent first place recipient of the 2022 Dr. Emory O. Jackson Journalism Award presented by the South Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

 Long Bio

Dr. Vernita Glenn-White (Dr. V)  is a Life and Leadership  Strategist and Master Teacher who helps people realize their potential, take radical action and maximize every area of their life. Dr. V is a former public-school mathematics teacher and university professor turned life catalyst who went through a massive transformation to up-level her life. 

As the CEO of Glenn-White Global Solutions® a high-end advice company and Founder of The School of Brilliance® her agency’s consulting packages, courses and events help high-level individuals go from unstuck to unstoppable as they up-level their life and career. Her signature framework includes Up-Level Your Brilliance®  and the Embrace Your Brilliance® BootCamp.

Going from bum-doc on her grandmother’s couch to entrepreneur, Dr. V graduated as a Sun-Coast Area Teacher Trainer Scholar, received dual degrees and honors from the University of South Florida and became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Dr. V is also a recipient of the FEF McKnight Doctoral Fellowship and graduate of the University of Central Florida.

Dr. V is an award winning content creator and recipient of the 2022  Dr. Emory O. Jackson Journalism award has been featured in several peer-reviewed professional journals such as NAESP Principal, NCTM Teaching Children Mathematics, the Florida Association of Teacher Education, GATEways to Teacher Education and  American Educational Research Association where she discussed issues in the education system to a collective audience of over 15,000 people. Continuing her work with leaders, Dr. V has been a contributor on podcasts such as Better Leaders Better Schools, the Transformative Principal and Inclusion Catalyst. She has spoken on a variety of professional organization stages including the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Educators, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and  the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Having a knack for frameworks and strategic planning, Dr. V has worked with and  advised leaders from Principals to Directors to  Superintendents in large school districts and universities such as Orange County Public Schools, Toledo Public Schools, Stetson University and Bowling Green University in the areas of  STEM education, Cultural Responsiveness, and Observation ,Evaluation & Feedback Protocols for organization employees.

Over the course of her career, transitioning to different positions, and dealing with the deaths of her mother and grandfather three weeks apart, Dr. V learned how to deal with death, depression, indecision, and rediscovering who she was in a new dynamic way.  Dr. V realized that many professionals were dealing with similar issues in life. Through her own healing, doing the work, and coaching others, Dr. V has been featured in Success Women’s Magazine, WYB Magazine, on panels for Duke Energy, the Orlando Utilities Commission & Siemens Energy companies and the Happy Entrepreneur late night show. She has also been interviewed on several lifestyle podcasts and featured on stage with world-renowned speaker and transformation coach Lisa Nichols

Dr. Vernita is also an  author of two self-development books and her latest book Embracing Grit for Greatness , # 1 release on Amazon, empowers individuals to go from theory to practice to professionally powerful by equipping them with systems, strategies and structure to become high conscious leaders in any environment! Join the Brilliance movement at drvernitaglenn-white.com

Dr. Vernita loves and values her family!